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Skye and Lochalsh Orchestra
Music Director: Iain Roden

Play an orchestral instrument?
Interested in joining us?
We are always looking for new players (esp. strings, oboe & low brass)
to expand the orchestra. Look at our recent programmes
to see the sort of music we play and, if you like what you see, please do contact us.
All photos © 2016, Sean Purser unless stated otherwise. (Mountains above are public domain.)
 • ABOUT THE SLO — a (very) brief introduction to SLO.
 • CONCERTS — Date and time, Location, prices, programme, etc.
 • REHEARSAL SCHEDULE — Dates and locations, concert day schedule.
 • ADMINISTRATION — Committee, records, etc.
 • ARCHIVES — History, programmes, recordings, playlist, reviews.
 • SUNDRY EXTERNAL LINKS — to various orchestra related websites
 • CONTACT US OR VISIT US ON  facebook .
 • SITE MAP — Find that page you KNOW exists somewhere.
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